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Sandy S.

Bodywork by Douglas

It he was informative and did an amazing job.


Lana L

He is amazing! I had a therapeutic massage a couple of months ago and have recommended him to everyone!!


Terri H.

Duc, seems to be able to find every muscle that needs to be loosened up...he has really helped get movement back in my neck! Look forward to my next session


Lynn J.

Douglas worked on my shoulders and it was wonderful! He also has a very nice MLD touch


Diana J.

I came in with extreme pain in my lower back. Walking was painful.  Moving was painful. Sitting was horrible.  Duc “Douglas” was very professional and I was very pleased with my session.” 

My muscles and tendons were screaming shooting pain. Duc, was able to get those inflamed muscles and tendons to relax. I usually go to a chiropractor for back problems but I have learned that until the muscles and tendons are relaxed, they will just pull bones out of position. I highly recommend Duc. I confess, when I first entered, I had doubts about whether I would get any relief at all. I was desperate to find pain relief. I was able to leave with my back feeling much better. I am planning on adding treatments along with visits to the chiropractor and I think I will be in much better shape. Thank you Duc.


Mary V

I went in to specifically see Duc following a knee replacement. He was outstanding as an overall massage therapist, but I needed very focused effort on my leg. I have been struggling with swelling 2 weeks post surgery. After 1 appointment with focused work, I lost 1” of swelling. His methods work.


Judy G.

Duc cares about his client, checking to make sure you are comfortable and getting the most from the therapy.


Jayne L.

He really paid attention to my needs.  “I have been under severe stress and Douglas was able to provide a customized massage that was absolutely incredible.  I have been to a plethora of massage therapy and this was an amazing therapeutic massage.  I have found my new massage therapist.  Thank you Douglas.”  Jayne R


Gaylene B.

Very professional and after one visit has relieved neck and shoulders pain. I am looking forward to future visits and becoming pain free in my neck and shoulders.  This massage was not like any massage I have had before. Which I knew it would be different as the purpose of my visit is to relieve pain in my neck and shoulders. After one visit I am having less pain in my neck and shoulders and more range of movement. I have another appointment with Duc 'Douglas' to continue working towards becoming pain free in my neck and shoulders. I definitely recommend Douglas.

“Duc “Douglas” cares about his client, checking to make sure you are comfortable and getting the most from the therapy. 
Comfortable and clean environment!”  Judy G

Jim f.

Did not dislike a thing. I very much enjoyed the massage, I like getting a massage from someone that knows what they are doing, are focused, listen, and like what they do.

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